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BASF upgrades center

July 20, 2005

BASF upgrades center
for plate technology
BASF Printing Systems has announced a major equipment update at its printing and technology center in Stuttgart, Germany.
The latest laser technology has been installed with the Hell HelioFlex 1200 and Creo ThermoFlex Wide II, according to a company announcement. The showroom features a redesigned FV Flowline Washer to process photopolymer printing plates within very tight tolerances. A new software control system ensures the washer provides reliable and reproducible results.
The showroom also features the latest generation of measurement devices from Vipflex and M-Service for the analysis of photopolymer printing plates. The software of the three existing workflows has also been updated. Artwork Systems has installed the latest ArtPro software and has updated the Nexus Workflow.
BASF Printing Systems offers a range of products, including nyloflex, nyloprint and nylosolv plates.