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Avery Dennison acquires RFID start-up company

October 19, 2006

Avery Dennison acquires RFID start-up company
Avery Dennison RFID, a division of the label materials giant that produces radio frequency identification products, has acquired RF IDentics of Grand Rapids, MI, USA, a start-up company that has developed processes for producing high quality products and quickly moving them from design into production, according to Avery Dennison President Dean Scarborough.
RF IDentics was formed in 2004. “It is great to partner with a company that shares the same vision and commitment that we have for the RFID business,” says Gary Burns, president and one of the founders. “Avery Dennison will bring many resources that are not currently available to us, like global reach and support, as well as economies of scale, strong relationships with converters and other RFID stakeholders, and additional marketing skills.”
“RF IDentics brings a valuable set of technologies, manufacturing assets and talent to the Avery Dennison team,” notes Scarborough. “The company has developed significant technology that will be included in the package of tools that we offer converters.