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Kodak podcasts focus

October 19, 2006

Kodak podcasts focus
on growth, profitability
Print providers interested in learning how to increase services, capacity and revenue can turn to a new source of information: a series of podcasts on the value of unified workflow and details on a Kodak Unified Workflow solution. The first program, which focuses on the importance of establishing a unified workflow, is available at
“Podcasts serve as an ideal vehicle for explaining new developments, such as unified workflow, to busy people by providing them the opportunity to listen at their convenience and replay segments of particular interest,” says Jon Bracken, director of product management, Kodak Unified Workflow solutions, and host of the shows. “These podcasts will provide practical advice on how to build a Kodak Unified Workflow solution environment, with an eye toward its role in helping print providers become profit leaders.”
Each Kodak podcast runs approximately 10 minutes in length. The first program discusses the need for a unified workflow and describes each of the component workflows. Bracken outlines the principles of a Kodak Unified Workflow solution, including that it encompasses all current printing techniques and technologies; provides easy interoperability across Kodak and non-Kodak tools, components and workflows; and optimizes flexibility through modular, expandable and scaleable features.
“The initial podcast emphasizes the overarching value of Kodak Unified Workflow solutions in enhancing operational efficiency and increasing income,” says Bracken.
“Future podcasts will offer in depth information on how each aspect of a Kodak Unified Workflow solution contributes to print providers, offering new capabilities and achieving business growth.”