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On-pack promotions

November 14, 2006

On-pack promotions
that tempt fickle consumers
Brand owners like on-pack promotions because they can often tempt many consumers to favor one product brand over another. Of course, they also offer many added value opportunities for label converters. Make of it what you will that Alcan Packaging in the UK buttonholed people to ask them what they thought about on-pack promotions. Apparently the survey found that consumers’ perceptions of receiving an “added value bargain” would tend to overshadow any brand loyalty.
But as fickle consumers, many of us are reluctant to admit to responding to such promotions. After all, choosing a product on a whim because it contains an “instant win — inside wrapper” type of promotion, or some kind of scratch-card option, is something most people keep to themselves. But while both these examples appeal strongly to many consumers, online gaming promotions and token save-and-bid gimmicks are far less popular. Apparently we want promotions that offer us instant gratification. We are less keen on the more complex, interactive options. “It’s a factor that brand owners may wish to consider when planning promotions,” says Lynne Quincey, UK communications manager of Alcan Packaging.
Predictably, men respond well to topical promotions linked to current or sporting events, but women are more attracted to general promotions, such as winning a holiday or securing “buy one, get one free” offers. Quincey concludes that on-pack promotions remain a key marketing tool in attracting consumers, encouraging product selection over a competitor product and promoting added value. However, she thinks brand owners must strive to target the appropriate audience, enhance brand appeal and keep the consumer (that’s us) engaged beyond the initial purchase selection. Some of us just want to pay and get out quick.