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FINAT launches info drive

March 19, 2007

FINAT launches info drive
to improve members’ trade
FINAT is targeting end users as part of a marketing initiative to help them increase their knowledge of self-adhesive labeling. The international trade body says the scheme should help its member companies win more business. It includes a 76-page internet presentation on the benefits and flexibility of labeling. By promoting wider usage of labels it will also help members with their individual sales drives and training projects.
“This is just one of the ways we are ensuring that 2007 will be a good year for our members as we increase the exclusive benefits that we bring to them through their membership,” says David Harrisson, president. Compiled by senior members of the association, the finished scheme is due to be rolled out on FINAT’s site in this first quarter of the year. It forms part of a wider emphasis on education — both for printers and for their customers — through tutorials and presentations.
One of the first will be at FINAT’s annual World Congress conference, held in Berlin May 31 through June 1. It will examine the state of Germany’s economy and its implications for the self-adhesive label printing industry. Norbert Walter, head of the Deutsche Bank Research bureau, will lead the debate. He believes that while Germany’s business confidence has returned, corporate and political decision makers still face challenges.
Supporting this viewpoint is Helmut Schreiner, the president of VskE, the German label trade association.