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Edale showcases RFID

April 11, 2007

Edale showcases RFID
at open house
Edale, a press manufacturer based in Romsey, England, recently sponsored an open house to showcase its Lambda press, which was configured for offline RFID inlay affixing, incorporating a Tamarack P500 RFID unit. More than 50 customers from the UK and overseas attended.
Although the Lambda on show was configured for RFID inlay insertion, Jeremy Westcott, Edale’s Lambda sales engineer, describes the press as “an infinitely flexible solution. Typical offline solutions include coating, booklet insertion, multi-web application, and two RFID insertion configurations. But these are by no means exclusive nor inadaptable. The press can be configured to any conceivable web path and easily reconfigured or upgraded at a later date.”
Westcott adds, “The open house has been such a success that we have decided to extend into the first few months of 2007 with dedicated company presentations and customer job demonstrations.”