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Edelmann presses introduced by Matik

April 11, 2007

Edelmann presses introduced by Matik
Matik North America, of West Hartford, CT, USA, the exclusive distributor for Edelmann Graphics GmbH of Germany, has launched the latest generation of narrow web presses from Edelmann in North America.
Edelmann is a manufacturer of offset narrow web presses with a global installed base of 3,400 machines. There are four machines in the press line, all variable, the most successful being the Color Print series, which is available in web widths of 20.5" and 29". Two smaller presses are the Web Print 39 (15.5") and the EVO Print (19").
The presses are available in combination with other print processes, such as flexo, screen, gravure, and letterpress. Edelmann also manufactures offline machines to ensure that the capacity of the printing platform is not compromised.
Matik has appointed an Edelmann specialist, Chris Davis, who has moved from the UK, to represent the Edelmann press line in the North American market. “The hallmarks of the Edelmann press line are best in class print quality, and robust German engineering married to state of the art PC control systems which provide ultra-fast make readies and excellent ROI,” says Davis. “The next generation of servo driven machines are now available which further optimize production operating costs.”
Edelmann is planning an open house at its headquarters in Beerfelden Germany in April. Matik also will have an open house to introduce the flagship Color Print V72 Servo in the near future.