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Martin Automatic adds

July 19, 2007

Martin Automatic adds
to its European presence
Martin Automatic, of Rockford, IL, USA, has announced moves to further strengthen its European presence. To provide added support to its customers across Europe, Gabrielle Dankwerth has been appointed contract administrator. She serves in the office of Martin Automatic Europe GmbH, in Bretzfeld, Germany.
In addition, Rockford-based Kerry Beard will provide internal support for the European sales team. Beard, who speaks fluent German, joined Martin Automatic at the beginning of 2007.
According to David Wright, Martin’s vice president, the company has a sales manager serving customers in Scandinavia, as well as regional sales managers based in the UK and in Spain. “As we expand our global business, we will continue to develop our network of technical advice and support. The Martin Automatic Europe GmbH service technician is based in Germany and he is supported by contract service technicians who have been trained to work on Martin equipment.”