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Digital color toolbox

September 17, 2007

Digital color toolbox
Palo Alto CA USA
HP has made available the Digital Color Toolbox developed by HP and Pantone to further enable accurate reproduction of Pantone colors with HP Indigo digital color presses. The toolbox includes the Pantone Color Bridge swatchbook, as well as the CMYK and HP IndiChrome on-press color guide. Together, the two swatchbooks offer a convenient way to compare solid Pantone Colors with their simulations in offset four-color, HP Indigo four-color and HP IndiChrome on-press six-color processes. The Pantone Color Bridge enables users to determine how a Pantone Color will appear when reproduced on an offset press in CMYK. The latest version includes updated CMYK screen tint percentages, an increased color area and whiter, more durable paper.