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August 21, 2008

It seems that sales managers not only like to sell (and manage I presume), they also like to write. There are literally hundreds of sales management blogs written by everyone from experienced sales managers who have spent a long career in selling to cocky 20-somethings who are just getting started. That is the good and bad part about the internet: Anyone can publish their thoughts quickly and easily. I have separated the wheat from the chaff for you here and present you with five well written and informative sales management blogs.

Sales and Sales Management Blog (

Paul McCord, the author of this blog, shares his wisdom gathered from a 30-year career in sales and sales management. McCord is the principal at McCord Training, a sales training and consulting firm, and he is the author of two popular books on selling. One of the main topics on this blog is selling through referrals; McCord claims this is the secret ingredient for many sales superstars – they rarely cold call. Other topics he covers include networking, sales management, negotiation, lead generation and sales recruiting. The only negative about this blog is that interspersed regularly are sales blurbs promoting the services of McCord Training. Having said that, there is the equivalent of several books worth of excellent free content available on this blog.

Selling to Big Companies (

Jill Konrath, the author of the Selling to Big Companies blog (and the book of the same name), started off in sales at Xerox Corporation, where she found she had a knack for breaking into corporate accounts. Today, she runs a sales training company, is a prolific writer and a frequent speaker at national sales meetings. Reading this blog you can feel the energy and enthusiasm Konrath has for sales. The articles are relatively short and easy to read and contain plenty of practical ideas. Recent posts include a two part series titled, "What to Do When You Are Totally Stuck," using technology to increase sales productivity, and selling to big companies during a recession.

The Sales Hunter (

Here is the tag line for this blog: "Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, helps you build your business by finding more customers and closing more sales." This blog, while providing interesting content, is focused more on motivation and achieving success. Hunter writes in a direct, even confrontational, voice. He is constantly trying to get his readers to take action. For example, the post titled "Summer Reading Goals" includes this piece of wisdom: "Reading is not doing. Until you put into practice the things you have learned, you haven't done much." If you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to stay motivated when selling, then this blog might be for you.

The Entrepreneurial Salesman Blog (

Colin Wilson, the author of this blog, is the managing director of UK based First Border Ltd., whose focus is sales training tools and methodologies for businesses of any size. This blog is obviously well read because almost every post elicits comments from readers, some generating a dozen or more. A recent popular post dealt with sales pipeline management, with Wilson sharing 22 points that challenge the traditional thinking on this topic. Wilson's take on things is a little different than most, and he provides a perspective that is refreshing. There is little focus on sales motivation; it is about looking at challenges and coming up with creative ways to deal with them.

Sales Management 2.0 (

Sales Management 2.0 is a little different from the blogs mentioned here. It really is a social network for sales people, but blogging is a big part of what it offers. It is a relatively new (created in early 2008) online community created by sales professional Brad Trnavsky for sales professionals. The unique thing about Sales Management 2.0 is that anyone can create a profile and author a blog post. There must be some editorial control, though, because all the blog posts are relevant and on topic. Trnavsky authors about half the posts and the rest come from a variety of people, including some of the authors of blogs that have been reviewed here. Recent topics include increasing overall sales and gross profit margins at the same time, following an ineffective leader, selling to procurement, and the cost of new sales reps. If you want to not just read blogs but become part of a sales community, then Sales Management 2.0 could be for you.

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