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Cortegra introduces extended content labels

October 14, 2008

Cortegra introduces extended content labels
Cortegra, a provider of labels and packaging products for the pharmaceutical and related industries, has introduced extended content labels (ECL) with proprietary designs for information-rich products, multiple language translations and lengthy and complex drug facts.
The ECLs are available in three varieties.
Booklet ECLs combine a pressure sensitive label with an attached leaflet or booklet, which may contain several pages and be up to 1/8” in thickness. The labels can be custom designed to fit a variety of shapes and sizes and include a resealable closure system, for repeated referencing.
Multiple Plies: Configured with a patented easy-release design, the label doubles the content area by allowing text to be printed on the underside of the label. It can be lifted up and repeatedly reapplied onto the container.
Wrap-around: This trademarked label wraps around itself to double the copy space on the label to ensure proper presentation of product usage and warning information.
“Pharmaceutical companies have been mandated by regulations and public demand to include more product information on their labels than ever before,” says Narendra Srivatsa, Cortegra’s director of packaging solutions. “By offering extended content labels, Cortegra enables pharmaceutical companies to comply with such regulations and also makes it easy for the public to use pharmaceutical products correctly, safely and with confidence.”
Cortegra is a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, and is located in Fairfield, NJ, USA.