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Security groups plan tougher battle vs. fraud

November 30, -0001

Security groups plan tougher battle vs. fraud
The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) has approved the creation of a new Technical Committee (TC) on fraud countermeasures and controls to help address development of standards related to combating fraud. The TC, proposed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in conjunction with the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO), focuses on the development of standards in the areas of brand and intellectual property protection, identity management and financial fraud.
The proposal, identified as ISO/TS/P 206, hopes to bring together fraud experts, law enforcement, government agencies, criminologists, brand owners and solution providers to develop relevant security standards for the use of private industries and governments worldwide. ISO recognition and support from other international standards organizations will help to counter the rising financial and social cost of worldwide fraud activity.
The new committee provides a framework to engage international fraud experts with existing ISO technical committees to create holistic solutions to complex issues. Standards will affect parties concerned with brand protection, intellectual property, drug counterfeiting, supply chains for products of value, authentication of goods, food supply chains, identity credentials, identity management, identity theft, customs and immigration enforcement and financial fraud. Although the scope may appear broad, it effectively addresses the wide variety of fraud throughout industry segments.
NASPO says that it supports the creation of this ISO TC, working with ANSI and providing both information and documentation for submission of the proposal to ISO. To support this committee at the ISO level, NASPO will work with ANSI to create and establish a US Technical Advisory Group (US TAG). The TAG will support the ISO TC on fraud countermeasures and controls and work on the ISO Project Committee 246, “Effectiveness evaluation of anti-counterfeiting tools,” proposed by AFNOR. ANSI and NASPO will solicit membership for the US TAG in the near future.
Interested parties should contact NASPO Executive Director Michael O’Neil at Organiz-ations operating outside of the United States may contact their national standards bodies for the creation of national TAGs to the newly created commitee.
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