New Products


November 30, -0001

Polyonics has introduced the XF-604, a 2 mil white polyester, halogen free label material designed and recognized by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the VTM-1 level of flame retardants per the UL94 standard. The addition of the XF-604 to the Flameguard product family provides customers with a lower cost alternative to the XF-603 (polyimide) while still exhibiting flame retardant properties. The XF-604 is coated with a semi-gloss white topcoat specifically designed for flexographic and thermal transfer printing. When matched with the proper inks or halogen free thermal ribbons, images on the XF-604 will withstand harsh chemicals and solvents typically used in electronic manufacturing processes. Application suggestions for the XF-604 include: product identification of electronic devices, gaming consoles, power supplies, identification of batteries and network cards.

Westmoreland NH USA