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SATO introduces Econano series

March 7, 2012

SATO has announced the release of its new Econano series of labels, which absorb and reduce the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere when they are incinerated. This technology is made possible through a carbon dioxide-absorbent that is added to the label’s adhesive.

“Reducing carbon emissions is a challenge for all businesses today,” says Etsuo Fujii, president of SATO. “But the cutting-edge technology SATO employs in its Econano series offers our customers a helping hand in achieving their environmental targets, and provides them with solutions beneficial to all levels of consumer goods product identification and supply chain labeling.”

According to the company, the absorbent reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released at the point of incineration by more than 20 percent when compared to conventional labels. The company adds that by combining Econano technology with SATO’s Nonsepa linerless label series, it is possible to achieve an approximate 50 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions at the time of incineration.

Econano was developed by the SATO Group in collaboration with Masahiko Abe of the Tokyo University of Science, and the university’s venture company, ACTIVE.