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Industrial label manufacturers form joint venture

April 19, 2012

MacArthur Corporation, a US supplier of industrial labels, and Etisoft, Poland’s largest manufacturer of durable labels, have announced the formation of a 50/50 joint venture. The company is called MacArthur-Etisoft and is based in Gliwice, Poland. The group leverages the geographic footprint and complementary strengths of each partner to offer additional value to their customers.

“Both MacArthur and Etisoft serve customers with global operations and this joint venture will give each company the ability to provide outstanding products and services outside of its home region,” says Thomas Barrett, president of  MacArthur Corporation. “Each company has unique strengths and we are already learning from each other and translating that into better results for our customers. This joint venture is a key element of our global strategy and we are thrilled to have a partner as capable and experienced as Etisoft.”

MacArthur-Etisoft’s first major project is the consolidation of the European label purchases of a $15 billion+ automotive industry manufacturer. This project is already saving the customer significant money and time by reducing the number of suppliers, consolidating purchases and eliminating waste.

The group serves customers in Europe, North Africa and the Americas and leverages the deep technical expertise of each company.

“The creation of the MacArthur-Etisoft partnership fits in the strategy of our company,” says Michael Majnusz, president of Etisoft Company. “The purpose of our business is to provide comprehensive support for leading industrial companies. Cooperation with our partner enables the realization of our targets on the other side of the Atlantic.”