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Nature replicates CRI logo

April 19, 2012

Color Resolutions International has a logo that encompasses the colors of a rainbow, and as chances happened, a CRI employee, Lori Harrington, captured a photograph that had the company’s employees buzzing for a caption.

“I was driving into work one drizzly morning and the sun came out just before arriving,” explains Harrington. “Just as I was turning into the driveway I saw the rainbow hovered over our entrance sign…it was so cool to see. I had to stop my car and grab my cell phone to take a picture.  It was so perfect, so big and brilliant right next to our logo.  I wanted to share what I had seen with everyone so I forwarded the photo to all CRI employees to see how nature replicated our logo.”

Almost immediately employees started sharing captions with one another, which led CRI president and CEO George Sickinger to create a caption contest. Employees submitted 39 entries and cash prizes were given to Lori and the top three caption submissions:
  • 1st Place – Ever Wonder Where the Rainbow Gets Its Colors? By John D’Amore, CRI Product Development Lab
  • 2nd Place – The Sign Points the Way to a Rainbow of Color Solutions. By Tim Proffitt, CRI Product Development Lab
  • 3rd Place – Color Resolutions Brings You “True To Life” Colors. By Carl Cecil, CRI Graphics and Educational Specialist

Harrington says, “I was surprised at the response to the photo and was very appreciative that George recognized the beauty and similarity of the image to our logo and to top it off, I was given money for the photo!” Harrington has worked in CRI’s Color Service Lab for 23 years where she matches color requests using the proper components for the application.
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