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Coming to Walmart: The Ecoslide-RX

October 9, 2012

The retail giant is implementing an environmentally sustainable pharmaceutical compliance package.

Ecoslide-RX, a pharmaceutical compliance package that is more environmentally sustainable than traditional packs, will soon be arriving to Walmart’s pharmacies.

Introduced in late 2011 by Keystone Folding Box Company – a  Newark, NJ-based manufacturer of paper-based packaging solutions – Ecoslide-RX is senior-friendly and achieves the highest-possible standards of child-resistance (F=1 rating), keeping at a premium both customer safety and ease-of-use – two ongoing, previously unmet challenges for environmentally sustainable products in the pharmaceutical industry.

“At Walmart, we are dedicated to quality patient care and have proven that adherence packaging assists in these endeavors,” says Sandy Kinsey, vice president of pharmacy merchandising for Walmart.

Ecoslide-RX is ideal for prescription products, physician’s samples and clinical trial materials. Ecoslide-RX offers large, easy-to-read type on all sides and clear, simple opening instructions. 

Ecoslide-RX Tests Well Among Both Pharmacists and Consumers
A recent independent survey of both pharmacists and consumers gave Ecoslide-RX high marks when graded against competing blister packages and traditional amber vials. Aside from the product’s namesake increased environmental sustainability – and lack of associated “landfill guilt” – both groups were impressed with several of Ecoslide-RX’s noted benefits, including ease of opening, compliance and safety and ease of storage and transport.

Ease of Opening

Large, clear directions show users how to unlock the simple child-resistant locking mechanism, which opens with surprisingly little force by a thumb press on a release button located on the corner of the carton’s front panel.  Inside the outer carton is a film/foil, push-through blister card that slides out when the CR lock is released, yet remains connected to the carton at all times. Once open, the pack offers easier-than-usual push-through pill access.

Compliance and Safety
Ecoslide-RX offers the full range of heightened compliance and safety benefits that top-rated blister packages enjoy over bottles, including a greatly diminished risk of contamination from dropping, spilling or moisture; increased compliance via a pill reminder/weekly calendar; and additional package printing space enabling large, bold labeling – important for any visually impaired consumers. All of these attributes proved reassuring to pharmacists and consumers participating in the survey.

Ease of Storage/Transport
Compared to amber vials, Ecoslide-RX is more stackable in medicine cabinets and convenient for use in purses and suitcases. Pharmacists noted that the package was large enough to incorporate the wide range of benefits listed above, yet compact enough to be somewhat discrete.

Keystone is a privately owned company that was founded circa 1890 in Madison, NJ. Originally known as The Keys Folding Paper Box Company, the company was incorporated in 1908 and moved to Newark in 1910 and later, in 1923, built a factory at its current location. Today Keystone is owned and by the Hartman family, who have been directly involved with Keystone for more than 60 years.
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