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Ahlstrom, Avery Dennison take on liner recycling in Europe

November 29, 2012

Ahlstrom, a global high-performance materials company and producer of release papers, has announced a new initiative for recycling silicone coated paper release liners used by the pressure sensitive adhesive label industry.

This sustainability initiative aims to collect silicone coated supercalendered papers (commonly known as glassine) once they have been utilized as carriers of PSA labels by end users, such as brand owners or retailers. Ahlstrom will collect the materials through one or more logistics partners and will recycle them into specialty paper production at its Osnabrück plant in Germany.

Glassine paper release liners will be picked-up at no cost from end users anywhere in Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, provided a minimum quantity of two tons per load. Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Division will support this initiative and utilize its contacts across the value chain in order to make label printers and brand owners aware of this new opportunity.

Ahlstrom’s recycling capacity will be sufficient to absorb release liner waste of a significant number of end users. The initiative increases the recycling options available in the market and will help divert paper liner waste from landfill or incineration, while increasing the quantities recycled into paper.

“Thanks to Ahlstrom Osnabrück’s convenient location in northwestern Germany, and the support of Avery Dennison, we trust this program will offer PSA label end users an opportunity to increase their overall environmental performance,” says Daniele Borlatto, executive vice president, Label and Processing. “Such programs also reinforce the position of paper as a uniquely sustainable material for the PSA industry.”