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First US UV LED curing symposium a success

November 29, 2012

A sample survey of attendees at the UV LED Curing Symposium in Chicago in September - hosted by Integration Technology Ltd. (ITL) and IST America - scored the value, content and networking aspects of the show “very good” while the event’s organization was summed up as “excellent” by the majority of those questioned.

More than 120 delegates from the semi-conductor, UV chemistry formulation and system integration industries, as well as end users, attended the one-day event where nine separate speakers struck a good subject balance among core technical state-of-the-art applications, how to integrate LEDs, and respective chemistry.

The three highest-rated presentations covered die technology and production, as well as the economics and end markets for UV LED curing. Presentations were complemented by two expert panel Q&A sessions, a sponsor exhibition including 15 tabletop displays, a luncheon and an evening cocktail reception. Key outcomes suggested that UV LEDs were not merely replacing LEDs, but opening new market opportunities for a technology that was “going from strength to strength.”

“The view overall is that LED performance will continue to improve though initial capital outlay remains a perceived barrier to entry,” says ITL North American general manager Jennifer Heathcote. “It was also agreed that the event provided a very realistic appraisal on the current status of the technology and gained substantive new ground in forging a better understanding of its enormous potential.”

The Chicago symposium followed IST and ITL’s seminar in Paris held earlier this year. Further events on the topic will be held in Europe next spring and on the US West Coast in 2013.