New Products


March 13, 2013

Polyonics’ new antistatic tapes are designed to solve ESD problems before they can damage static sensitive devices. The tapes offer surface resistances at the heart of the static dissipative range—10^5 to 10^9 Ohms—that help safely dissipate triboelectric charges before they can cause ESD events. In addition, the tapes also produce very low peel voltages (<100v) when their liners are removed further protecting components from static charges. Polyonics antistatic tapes are offered in a variety of materials and constructions and in both single and double coated configurations: single coated for protection, insulation and isolation of SSDs, and double coated for bonding and attaching static sensitive components. The antistatic tapes are available in a wide variety of configurations with acrylic or silicone PSAs and liner selections to help optimize each die cut operation. In addition, tapes are available with both antistatic and halogen free UL94 VTM0 flame retardant (FR) protection. Custom constructions are also readily available.

Westmoreland, NH, USA