New Products


March 13, 2013

A greatly enlarged version of the Nanocleaner NWC-1200 was unveiled in the last quarter of 2012. The proven concept of parts cleaning with simultaneous recycling of the detergent fluid was maintained. The vast washing chamber of 120 cm x 60 cm is large enough to accommodate a great number of ink reservoirs, doctor blades, or chambered doctor blades. The NWC-1200 was designed to remove all flexo ink systems – UV inks, based on water or solvents - in a just few minutes and without using any volatile, aggressive solvents. Its non-volatile cleaning agent is constantly filtered in the integrated recycling system; the company says it never needs to be replaced or disposed of. Only small amounts of dried paint residues remain to be discarded in the industrial waste. A manual brush cleaning option or custom adapters e.g. for pipe cleaning are available. The NWC 1200 needs only electricity and compressed air to operate and an air extraction is not necessary.

Illnau, Switzerland