New Products


April 10, 2013

MacDermid Printing Solutions announced the commercial introduction of a new digital flexo printing plate designed specifically for use with UV inks, UVR. UVR is swell-resistant in aggressive UV inks and also boasts low dot gain and excellent resolution capabilities. UVR, a 55 durometer plate, has exceptional drape, allowing the plate to wrap around a narrow web cylinder with smaller repeats with relative ease, reducing the risk of plate lift. UVR is ideally suited for the narrow web market, where UV inks are used heavily. UVR has comparable performance in water-based inks as well, another ink type used in the narrow web market. Compatible with MacDermid’s LUX  platemaking system, UVR has demonstrated excellent print capabilities when combined with the flat-top dots of LUX. Additionally, UVR can be dual-processed, either in conventional solvents or in MacDermid’s Lava Thermal Platemaking System. UVR is commercially available in thicknesses of 0.045" (1.14mm)  and 0.067" (1.70mm), and in format sizes up to 52 x 80" (1,321 x 2,032 mm).

MacDermid Printing Solutions
Atlanta, GA, USA