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Western Shield invests in HD Flexo technology

July 17, 2013

Western Shield Label Company, a label converter in Rancho Dominguez, CA, USA, recently went live with its new investment in HD Flexo. HD Flexo, said to be the next step in high quality flexographic printing, provides for smoother vignettes, sharper details and a wider color gamut than conventional plates.

With the addition of HD Flexo capabilities, Western Shield says it is now considerably closer to offering gravure and offset quality printing to customers for only a fraction of the cost. “We are really excited about the installation of HD Flexo in our workflow. HD Flexo is the technology that has bridged the gap between the demand for offset printing results and a traditional flexo cost structure,” says Lee Baba, graphics and prepress manager at Western Shield.

“Western Shield is committed to investing in new technology. We owe it to our customers and employees to stay on the forefront of printing technology. HD Flexo is one of the solutions to this challenge,” states Frank Connelly, CEO of Western Shield. “If the average customer is not yet demanding HD Flexo from their printer, they should be and, undoubtedly, soon will be. At Western Shield, our standard has always been to present new technologies to our customers not vice versa and our investment with HD Flexo is well aligned with that tradition.”