New Products


July 17, 2013

Polyonics has introduced new ultra thin, double-coated tapes that are ideal for bonding and attaching components and assemblies where high dielectric strengths are also required. These REACH and RoHS tapes address the growing trend of replacing traditional mechanical fasteners with double-coated tapes in permanent assemblies. The Polyonics double coated polyimide (PI) and polyester (PET) tapes provide ultra thin, conformal bond lines. They also have dielectric strengths up to 13.2kV to help electrically and thermally insulate and protect electrical and electronic assemblies. The tapes include acrylic and silicone adhesives (PSA) with a variety of liners that allow them to be diecut into complex shapes and auto applied if necessary. Halogen free UL94 VTM0 flame retardant (FR) and antistatic double-coated tapes with high dielectric strengths are also available. The antistatic tapes provide low peel voltages (<100v) and have surface resistances of 10^5 to 10^9 Ohms.

Westmoreland, NH, USA