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July 17, 2013

Combining the vertical lifting of a small powered stacker with the simplicity of a 2-wheel hand truck, the new Model LNB-350 Lift’n Buddy was designed for faster, safer, and easier to transportion and repositioning of items in virtually any work environment. At the touch of a button, the unit’s powered platform positions loads at a comfortable height to eliminate bending and stretching.  A linear actuator ensures smooth lifting and lowering with zero drift.  The tethered push-button control allows the user to adjust height from any side of the load. Model LNB-350 can handle loads of up to 350 pounds and lift them 36 inches. Ten-inch polyurethane tires can roll over uneven floors, pavement, thresholds, and carpeting without going flat or leaving skid marks. Lifting power is from an on-board 12-volt battery which features a built-in charger. Options and accessories for the Model LNB-350 Lift’n Buddy include multiple handle styles, custom platforms and finishes, an attachment for lifting 5-gallon pails, a kick stand, and a cylinder-handling kit.
Lift’n Buddy
Fargo, ND, USA
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