New Products


July 17, 2013

Esko has announced the worldwide availability of ArtiosCAD Enterprise, the latest release of its structural packaging design software.

ArtiosCAD Enterprise was designed to provide easy to use on-line dashboards with real-time feedback about project status, due dates, samples needed and other parameters. Users can also search and export data to Excel spreadsheets, enabling them to create their own custom reports, with no data entry required. The search criteria can be saved for one-button reporting when needed. ArtiosCAD Enterprise can store all project assets in the central database, organized in folders. From there a designated administrator can manage group responsibilities, distributing tasks to others, even based on the current load. Users can quickly see what tasks are allocated to their departments. Automatic email notifications/updates also can be sent to project members, suppliers or other outside agencies – for example, when a change is made.

Ghent, Belgium