New Products


July 17, 2013

FLEXcon has announced the availability of DPM LSE, a new line of 2 mil polyester films for low surface energy durable labeling applications. DPM LSE utilizes the company’s L-778 adhesive, a high-performance adhesive that permanently adheres to low surface energy surfaces such as thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO), painted metal, powder coated paint, polycarbonate and fiberglass. FLEXcon’s L-788 addresses one of the biggest challenges end users face when bonding to low surface energy plastics, specifically TPO, because these surfaces often require a pre-treatment for permanent adhesion. L-778 adhesive is unique in that it permanently adheres to TPO surfaces without the use of pre-application primers or flame treatment. The adhesive requires only an IPA/water wash before application to form a permanent bond. The is designed for the auto/trucking after market, outdoor power equipment and power tool, recreational vehicle and appliance markets. DPM LSE products are offered with a coatweight of either a 1 or 2 mils of L-778 adhesive.

Spencer, MA, USA