Published September 13, 2013
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Deprosa has developed SoFT TOUcH film lamination. It is a BOPP film with tactile properties and, according to the company, offers excellent adherence for stampings and varnishes. Glues can be applied either hot or cold for making boxes or cases. SoFT TOUcH from Derprosa guarantees the preservation of the SoFT coating without losing the velvety feel, offering full resistance to water and alcohol and highlighting colors with an effect that is 50% more matte than a standard film. Derprosa has developed other films within this same range: a matte metallic version that allows color printing with metallic effects without the need for metallic inks, and a black version of the film called Elegance Black that incorporates color directly on the film. It can also be obtained in a special version for lamination on digital printing, with dark backgrounds or a large amount of ink.

Derprosa Films
Madrid, Spain

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