New Products


September 13, 2013

MACtac Printing Products has expanded its Bloom line of sustainable products with a new, recyclable PET liner. The new PET liner is available on six different facestocks with a hot-melt adhesive. The new offerings are produced on MACtac’s advanced 100% solids pressure sensitive coater, which does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Available with a quick-tack permanent adhesive  and with the option of a 1-mil or 1.2-mil PET liner on six facestocks, including: TT9091-2, a premium thermal transfer paper; CHG9091-2, a 57# cast-coated high-gloss; SGL9091-2, a 55# brilliant white semi-gloss coated litho; DLA7191-2, a 50# brilliant white semi-gloss dairy label; MSP9091-0, a mirror-finish, bright silver metalized paper; and BCC9091-0, a classic crest, solar white wet strength paper.

MACtac Printing Products
Stow, OH, USA