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Styers, Colordyne partner for digital retrofit upgrades

January 24, 2014

Styers Equipment has developed a strategic partnership with Colordyne Technologies (CDT) to perform installations for the Digital Flexo-bility upgrade program in North America.

This digital conversion program allows converters to turn an existing press into a hybrid digital web press. The modular digital print station enables operators to use existing inventory of plate cylinders and dies precluding the necessity for an expensive off-line servo driven diecutter/slitter rewinder. The CDT 1600-PC Retrofit digital label and tag printing platform offers a combination of high print quality, fast job production, and low equipment cost. Powered by Memjet, the CDT digital print station runs at speeds up to 200 feet per minute at 1600 x 1200 dpi.

The Digital Flexo-bility upgrade is touted as an ideal print production system for label converters looking to add full color digital inkjet printing to their existing flexographic press. With the program, converters can avoid set-up expenses by printing small jobs digitally and add full color variable data to traditional analog processes. The retrofit’s advantages include just-in-time printing, including the flexibility to queue and run multiple jobs in the same run and change copy (i.e. part numbers, logos, sequential numbers) at any time prior to production.

“We feel this CDT Digital Flexo-bility upgrade is truly revolutionary and will change how the printing industry evaluates the needs of their equipment moving forward,” says Justin Styers, president of Styers Equipment. “The combination of fast print speeds, high resolution and ease of operation are unmatched in the industry and we are privileged to have the opportunity to advance this technology.

“Colordyne has changed the dynamic of everything we’ve known about short runs and as print speeds continue to increase over time, we expect run lengths to increase as well,” Styers adds. “Up to three-year leasing and financing options are available so please contact us today to discuss your options.”
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