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    • Ink Innovation

      Ink Innovation

      Steve Katz, Editor||March 9, 2015
      A multitude of products and services are enhancing narrow web printing.

    • Digital Printing Ink and Toner

      Digital Printing Ink and Toner

      Steve Katz, Editor||November 17, 2014
      Digitally printed labels are only as good as the inks and toners adhering to them.

    • Flexo & UV Flexo Inks

      Flexo & UV Flexo Inks

      Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor||April 10, 2013
      Today’s flexo printers have a wide range of options in this ever-evolving market.

    • TLMI 2011 Awards

      TLMI 2011 Awards

      November 18, 2011
      For the second consecutive year, ASL Print FX has won the top prize in the TLMI Label Awards – this year for its Red Tile Chardonnay label.

    • A record year in Brussels

      A record year in Brussels

      November 17, 2011
      Brand owners are using smart labels to ensure product authenticity and value, while improving productivity and the customer experience.

    • Novelty Labels

      Novelty Labels

      By Steve Katz||July 12, 2011
      A converter's offerings in this niche can be anything new, unusual or fun.

    • Ink Troubleshooting

      Ink Troubleshooting

      Jack Kenny||April 11, 2011
      Education and teamwork between printers and ink makers can be the key to solving specific ink challenges.

    • Special Effects Labels

      Special Effects Labels

      Steve Katz||August 21, 2008
      In the wake of the sustainability movement and the desire to be cost effective, special effects labels continue to evolve.

    • Labelexpo Europe 2007

      Labelexpo Europe 2007

      October 9, 2007
      Record crowds and a record number of exhibitors made this year's Labelexpo the industry hot spot.

    • 2007 International Buyers Guide

      2007 International Buyers Guide

      June 28, 2007
      A comprehensive directory of suppliers of consumables, equipment and services, the 2007 International Buyers Guide is for all of your purchasing decisions.

    • The Ink Challenge

      Talar Sesetyan||July 19, 2005
      Because ink properties are highly variable, inks present printers with many challenges, job after job. Here's a look at some of those challenges, and the solutions recommended by ink experts

    • The Ink Report

      Lisa Nieves||July 8, 2005
      As the industry's technology advances in presses, substrates and converter expertise, inks must also maintain the pace of new development.