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    • Asia’s Label Markets

      Asia’s Label Markets

      Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor||September 13, 2013
      This expansive region is finding the balance between economic growth and environmental impact.

    • A Meeting of Minds

      A Meeting of Minds

      Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor||May 24, 2012
      The L9, a global group of industry associations, met in Tokyo to discuss global awards, standards and sustainability.

    • India’s Label Market

      India’s Label Market

      Catherine Diamond||April 19, 2012
      India’s label market is growing every year, and shows no signs of slowing down.

    • A record year in Brussels

      A record year in Brussels

      November 17, 2011
      Brand owners are using smart labels to ensure product authenticity and value, while improving productivity and the customer experience.

    • Industry News

      October 4, 2011
      Multi-Color acquires York Label Group

    • AWA Label Study:

      Jack Kenny||May 24, 2011
      A qualified recovery through 2010

    • IPEX 2010

      IPEX 2010

      Adrian Tippetts||July 14, 2010
      Despite the economic woes and ash clouds, there was plenty of optimism about the biggest printing fair in the English-speaking world, and a host of technological breakthroughs to see from digital printing press vendors.

    • Asian Label Markets

      Asian Label Markets

      Steve Katz||May 7, 2010
      The world's largest region � in area and population � presents a dynamic, growing label market.

    • A Family Affair

      A Family Affair

      Brand new Synergy Packaging looks forward to a bright future in the label business.||January 14, 2009
      Brand new Synergy Packaging looks forward to a bright future in the label business.

    • India

      India's Label Markets

      Steve Katz||January 14, 2009
      India, along with its rich history and culture, also has an emgerging and thriving label market.

    • Gopsons Papers Limited

      Gopsons Papers Limited

      Steve Katz||January 14, 2009
      A diverse product portfolio and strong market positioning are keys to the success of this Indian printing enterprise.

    • Asian Label Markets

      Asian Label Markets

      Leah Genuario||September 25, 2006
      The fastest growing market for labels commands the attention of the rest of the packaging world.