Customer Service

  • Paying close attention to labels is critical right now

    COVID-19 and all its ramifications have severely shaken public confidence about what to believe and trust. Now is the time for product manufacturers to double down on all quality issues related to their products – including labels. In the pr…
    Mark Lusky 06.04.20

  • Review, rethink label claims in light of coronavirus

    One of the most important customer service functions a product manufacturer can perform is to provide accurate, clear and complete information about what the product can and can’t do. However, manufacturers sometimes stretch claims and use hype…
    Mark Lusky 04.03.20

  • Capitalize on the FDA’s push for bigger, bolder labels

    Giving people easily deciphered and digested information about what they’re consuming has become key to health and safety.
    Mark Lusky 03.05.20

  • Customer Service Drives

    2020 Label Printing Advancements
    Mark Lusky 01.31.20

  • Great products and branding make a powerful pair

    In a hot market, branding matters. In a slow market, branding matters. While product quality should always be the top criterion for assessing product worth, there’s no doubt that beautiful branding is a strong contributing factor to public perc…
    Mark Lusky 11.15.19

  • Labels can meet many customer service needs

    From education to safeguarding consumers, labels provide a first line of customer service. One need look no further than two emergent industries, CBD and vape, to see critical roles labels play. Regulation, verification, education and consumer fea…
    Mark Lusky 10.11.19

  • Tiny type labels do not serve customer interests

    Labels with tiny type are a customer disservice—one that can be avoided by getting thoughtful and proactive about how labels can be developed. There are a variety of ways to refer consumers to more extended sources of information off-label via…
    Mark Lusky 09.06.19

  • Emulate showcases why label design,print quality are so important

    Donnelly, ID-based Emulate Natural Care, Inc. attests to the power and profitability of having well-designed, professionally printed custom labels. A woman-owned business founded in 2003, Emulate is a major contributor to the local economy, has recei…
    Mark Lusky 07.10.19

  • Food labels often hype instead of help

    Products claiming “natural,” “farm fresh” and “keto” properties often do a disservice to their customers, who latch on to the hype without drilling down into the food label ingredients to assess nutritional benefit…
    Mark Lusky 05.31.19

  • Make labels do more to inform, inspire customers

    With the evolution of technology and transparency, labels are becoming ever-more robust and informative. Amid all this excitement, however, is the day-to-day routine that can stifle creativity and initiative. When you’re seeking ways to superc…
    Mark Lusky 04.05.19

  • Give your company a New Year customer service audit

    “Customer service” is a term that for most conjures an image of a company rep talking with a customer about a challenge, problem or question. In today’s world where everything about company performance is subject to scrutiny, the Ne…
    Mark Lusky 02.01.19

  • Customer service means preventing counterfeiting, too

    One not-so-obvious customer service function is thwarting the purchase of counterfeit goods, a massive and growing problem. Innovative technology that identifies counterfeiting also helps engage customers one-on-one. Labels with individual, unique di…
    Mark Lusky 11.16.18

  • Your employees are customers, too

    Employees can be a company’s best asset to create and test out marketing, branding and customer service strategies. An article by Forbes’ Micah Solomon makes this point in a recent piece entitled, “Employees Are Customers Too.&rdquo…
    Mark Lusky 10.12.18

  • Labels truly can be a life, death and health influence

    From allergies to aspartame, does packaging disclose enough?
    Mark Lusky 09.10.18

  • Chewy shows convergence of marketing and customer service

    Offer superb customer service, and promote it on labels and packaging.
    Mark Lusky 07.13.18

  • ‘Jane Walker’ Label Stirs PR Pot

    ‘Jane Walker’ Label Stirs PR Pot

    When I was a regional marketing director for Ringling Bros. my boss once said that any publicity is better than none, even if it’s negative. I don’t generally agree, but a test of his statement rolled out recently with the “Jane Wal…
    Mark Lusky 04.09.18

  • Make sure customer service doesn’t sound like a sales pitch

    There should be a distinct line between providing helpful, how-to customer service solutions and selling. Too often in today’s frenzy to improve the bottom line, “customer service” morphs into thinly-disguised sales pitches –…
    Mark Lusky 03.09.18

  • Marketing labels, packaging to a moving target

    What do you do when a carefully crafted marketing campaign gets jolted by a “higher force” making ominous pronouncements? Such is the case with cannabis and the jarring impact of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threatened crackdown…
    Mark Lusky 01.26.18

  • Why is the ‘customer experience’ fraught with bad information?

    Providing top-notch customer care is all the rage. Everyone talks about it, cites the appropriate buzzwords (e.g., customer experience) and commits to providing a positive interaction. This shining beacon dims quickly when customers learn that wha…
    Mark Lusky 11.17.17

  • Don’t ‘over send’ or ‘under think’

    Most of us know the drill. We donate once to a “worthy cause,” then are bombarded with pleas for additional contributions via emails, snail mail, text or a combination of the three. What started out as a satisfying gift often turns into d…
    Mark Lusky 10.06.17