Prati highlights product line potential

By Greg Hrinya, Editor | 04.30.20

The label finishing specialist is positioning its equipment to produce PPE.

Prati, a global supplier of label finishing equipment, is utilizing the diversity of its product range to combat the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). During a webinar entitled, “How to Convert Constraints into Opportunities,” company experts detailed the possibilities of the company’s finishing machines. Specifically, these products can produce PPE and other valuable resources critical for curtailing the spread of the disease.

Prati’s Matteo Bertoni, technical expert and product leader, and Luca Camurani, product designer, explained how converters can discover greater potential for their machines, opening up new paths of business during these challenging times. Prati can help produce masks and face protections that follow the guidelines of governments on local and global levels.

“We want to talk about how to produce PPE to contain the COVID-19 situation,” said Bertoni. “These solutions can be produced, with the help of Prati, for local and foreign converters. There is the potential to transform a need into a business opportunity. Materials can be run on our machines to produce face masks to protect yourself from the virus.”

The PPE can be manufactured with ultrasonic welding, diecutting and stacking. For example, diecutting can take place on a Saturn machine, and the materials are then overlaid and welded together to create a protective face mask.

One Prati customer recently utilized a Saturn Omnia to process TNT, which is comprised of a low-density polypropylene. The process featured multi-layer webbing, local welding, diecutting and stacking. The customer also required several modifications, including additional unwinders and an ultrasonic welding station.

“There is the possibility on our machine to produce masks,” added Bertoni. “Instead of loading a job with labels, you have the materials to produce the masks. The potential solutions include face masks, face protections and mask filters.”

Another customer took advantage of its Vega+ unit to produce face protections using satin tissue. Other face protections have included PETG and PETA materials.

“We can use our machines to create new business that can be extremely important, not just for our customers but for the entire community,” stated Camurani. “We’re available with our solutions, and we want to be there to support you. All of these Prati products are currently available.”

“We are at your disposal to provide the information you might need,” added Debora Antimi.

Prati, which is based in Faenza, Italy, has been active in the fight against this global pandemic. The company has insured all its employees, while also enacting smart working and applying social distancing to guarantee the safety of our employees and the entire network of co-workers.

"To ensure the company is able to carry on operating in a safe and responsible way in the near future, we have launched a national and international quest for PPE,” Chiara Prati, CEO and CSO at Prati, said recently.

Prati’s equipment has also been vital in producing labels for essential sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals.