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  • Label Converting Equipment
    CTC International announces new heat seal butt splicer

    CTC International announces new heat seal butt splicer

    The HSB-ACV-46 allows non-stop production via high speed automatic roll changes.

  • New splicing tapes released by tesa tape

    New splicing tapes released by tesa tape

    tesa 51918 applies to the new film web in a straight line configuration, offering maximum efficiency in web prep time.

  • Adhesives Research introduces three splicing tapes

    The high performance PSA tapes offer added functionality.

  • New splicing tape from tesa

    EasySplice FilmLine Plus is designed for splicing film and foil webs at high speed.

  • Martin Automatic demonstrates splicing systems

    The MLS Automatic Splicer makes its European debut.

  • Splicing Tapes

    Splicing Tapes Dielectric Polymers Holyoke MA USA The company introduces two new tapes, NT-9511-2SW and NT-9512-2SW. The tapes are constructed with blue silicone adhesive on a polyester film backing with a specialized release coating on the ba…

  • Splicing table

    Splicing table AccuWeb Madison WS USA A new option for the PDG-AP Series positive displacement guides (PDG), a pneumatic splicing table, employs a bladder clamping system that grips the web. This mechanism is activated by solenoid valves that can…

  • Splicer

    Splicer WEBEX Neenah, WI USA The Excell splicer is designed to mount over a dual-position unwind or rollstand to provide reliable zero-speed, lapped splicing without slowing or stopping the line. Productivity is also improved with simplified set…