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Ritrama presents latest self-adhesive materials


The GlobalFlex series is available in white, transparent and silver finishes.

Ritrama is presenting many new products in response to constantly evolving market requirements. According to Ritrama, "Innovation" and "Research" are at the heart of its success in creating new self-adhesive materials, which has led to the opening of new production facilities and slitting and distribution centers in Central and South America - Ritrama Caribe and Ritrama Perù.

The new "Wine & Spirits" series consists of a range of wine and spirit labels with new finishes and materials – all strictly FSC-certified – and these include barrier versions dedicated to sparkling and fine wines. The new generation of AP1300 acrylic water resistant adhesives and new face materials meets the market’s high-quality requirements in performance and appearance for premium wine label materials, confirming the Group's commitment to offer state-of-the-art solutions to satisfy diversified demand.

Coextruded films are the latest innovation in the label industry supplying materials for personal and home-care packaging products. The Ritrama GlobalFlex series – available in white, transparent and silver finishes –  combines application flexibility with production stability. Ritrama’s R&D department also developed Core Linerless Solutions, which offer sustainability benefits to a new generation product. A special finishing machine transforms the standard PSA material into a laminated film without liner ready to be applied by means of a special linerless dispensing head. The Core Linerless Solutions series ensures greater efficiency in the printing process and achieves considerable savings in terms of time and cost, as well as a more flexible and competitive labeling system.

Ritrama offers several labeling products to the food industry, which are in compliance with European Union laws regulating food safety. Ritrama’s Food range consists of a comprehensive series of certified self-adhesives, including a coated paper, two polypropylene and two polyethylene films with a special TCF top coating.

The company is also placing a special focus on inkjet printable materials. The Ritrama Group provides a complete range of specialist products designed for achieving high-quality prints on HP Indigo, Xeikon, Epson and EFI printers, as well as Memjet, Primera and water-based inkjet printers to obtain photo quality printings.