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Discount Labels reveals role as 'Superhero Sidekick'


The converter is offering its many services via a "pay as you go" model.

As part of its own educational program, Discount Labels is providing clear, informative comparisons between equipment buying and outsourcing of printing projects. The company is exhibiting at booth #3535.

According to the converter, expanded printing capabilities, coupled with a longtime reputation for cost-effectiveness, scalability and speed, will help establish the “Superhero Sidekick” role of Discount Labels as a partner in profits. Instead of investing in expensive new equipment, labor commitments and a sometimes disruptive learning curve, resellers can expand their capabilities with a highly efficient, “pay-as-you-go” model—in essence enabling “superhero" resellers to use Discount Labels as their sidekick to get it done—and increase profits from the get-go.

“This can take a lot of pressure off the need to continue making expensive purchases at a time when it can be highly challenging to create a return on investment short-term,” notes Discount Labels’ Mike Gore, VP of operations.

Emphasis on the company’s expanded capabilities—both in printing and finishing—can help cement its covert “Superhero Sidekick” status among longtime and new reseller customers alike. Expanded capabilities include:

    Esko Automation Engine and Color Management System
    Digital printing and digital durable printing
    11-color flexographic printing
    Vision inspection systems
    Variable text and image labels
    Short-run durable labels
    UL labels
    Extended content labels
    Security labels

“We have extensive experience finding solutions that match up seamlessly with the challenges,” adds Gore. “Our job in the Superhero Sidekick program is to give resellers additional options for fulfilling a variety of customer needs in a timely and affordable way—in turn growing positive relationships and revenues while limiting weighty equipment expenditures.”