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Eckart presents metallic and pearlescent pigment and ink


The Rotostar UV Shrink FX 68 Series is a new UV curable metallic ink system for flexo printed shrink sleeve applications.

Eckart is presenting the latest of its metallic and pearlescent pigment and ink portfolio for the printing of labels and packaging.

For flexo printed shrink sleeve applications, the new UV curable metallic ink system Rotostar UV Shrink FX 68 Series, now available in gold, offers a brilliant metallic effect without losing film integrity during high percentage shrinkage. Further advantages are a fast cure rate and a high rub resistance. It will print on PETG and PVC films. 

The Rotostar LED FP 71 series is based on the latest innovations for LED curing, providing a stable one-component, press-ready ink to today’s equipment. This ink series, with its highly brilliant gold and bright silver shades, is suitable for flexo printing on labels, cartons and shrink sleeves. Rotostar LED FP 71 shows high stability, good rub resistance and a fast cure rate at high press speeds.

Eckart is also showcasing its new Ultrastar UV curable metallic ink system based on Metalure pigments for flexo printing on paper and films: the Ultrastar UV FP-8254. It offers an excellent metallic gloss and foil-like brilliance in combination with good overlacquer abilities and trapping. Ultrastar UV inks are suitable to be overprinted inline. This new product is one step closer to rivaling the brilliance of foil stamping while providing great printability and potential economic savings.

Compared to printing on metalized paper, these NMP free, stable one-component water-based inks for paper and carton can reduce costs by printing only where the metallic effect is desired. From a technical point of view, Ultrastar Aqua inks provide high runnability and press stability as well as clean printability to best produce high dot-definition and print density. The basis of Ultrastar Aqua inks is the Metalure pigment technology that stands for a very high gloss and brilliance - comparable to the effects of foil stamping.

The pearlescent pigments from the company's product categories Luxan and Symic boast excellent sparkle effects. Both are designed to impress with their transparency and pure color shades when compared to conventional pearlescent pigments.

Platinstar inks and Platinvario aluminum pigment dispersions, with their mirror-like effect, lend labels and packaging an elegant touch. These so-called “Platindollar” aluminum pigments are seen between Metalure mirror-like effects and the brilliant “Silverdollar” pigments, respectively between Ultrastar and Rotostar printing effects.

Finally, Eckart's 
digital drop on demand metallic product portfolio includes UV and solvent based inks for narrow web labels, flat-bed and wide format printers. A wide range of metallic colors can be created by overprinting the metallic inks with low volume of the CMYK process colors.