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KTI shows newest generation butt splicer


While the latest ZC Series retains its functionality, its streamlined design uses more simplified components.

KTI demonstrated its newest generation ZC Series Butt Splicer at Labelexpo. While the machine retains its functionality, it’s a streamlined design using more simplified components. This machine can be used with a variety of materials including labels and is also now better suited for film.

A roll dolly loading mechanism is integrated into the machine making it easier to change rolls and the pivoting splice head is narrower allowing easier access to the machine. Standard to all KTI machines, the ZC series is assembled using robust construction with solid steel side frames. It uses a single method splice prep for either roll position so the operator only has to position the new web in the splice head and attach to the vacuum pad. No trimming is required. The rotary shear knife in the KTI splice head cuts through both the new web and the running web simultaneously guaranteeing an identical cut edge on both webs before the tape is applied.

KTI also showed the MTR Series, its newest turret rewinder. This machine was developed with a smaller footprint and is portable and easy to move between presses. The new turret rewinder offers many additional features to KTI’s popular KR Series Turret Rewinder and is perfect for running pressure sensitive paper label stock. The machine’s increased production speeds also meets additional customer needs.

The tension control dancer offered on the MTR, and all KTI rewinds, offers a superior solution for winding delicate webs by providing the accurate tension control required to wind these types of materials while minimizing web bursts. The dancer also provides closed loop control with a buffer to maintain tension even during rapid press starts and stops without bagging and bursting webs.