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MGI unveils Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner


AIS is touted as a significant advancement in the development of registration technology for printing and finishing.

MGI has unveiled two innovations in the world of digital postpress finishing technology with its Global Business Partner, Konica Minolta: the AIS SmartScanner “Intelligent Registration” system and the JETVarnish 3DW roll-fed digital label enhancement press. 

The MGI Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner (AIS) is a significant advancement in the development of registration technology for the printing and finishing industries. Designed to manage postpress treatments for all types of digital, flexo and offset-printed materials, it offers the world’s first “Intelligent Registration” by scanning and analyzing every piece fed through the system and then adjusting inkjet head performance in real-time to optimize and correct for any printed or physical imperfections (such as stretch, skew and shrink).

The AIS SmartScanner is the culmination of 10 years of dedicated research & development at MGI’s French headquarters. It was recently honored with a 2016 “Must See ‘Em Award” in the prestigious “Future of Print” judging category at the upcoming Graph Expo trade show in Orlando, FL (Sept. 25th-28th).

The AIS SmartScanner is available on all MGI JETVarnish 3D products, including the original B2-sized JETVarnish 3D, the B1-sized JETVarnish 3D Evolution, the roll-fed JETVarnish 3DW and the Konica Minolta JETVarnish 3DS.

JETVarnish 3DW
The world’s first fully digital, roll-fed production label enhancement press, the new MGI JETvarnish 3DW provides stunning 2D/3D UV dimensional textures and personalized, embossed Variable Data Foiling (VDF) decorative special effects without dies, screens or expensive tooling on narrow web labels.

The JETvarnish 3DW was also recently awarded a Graph Expo 2016 “Must See ‘Em Award” in the “Digital Postpress” Category. Additionally, it was honored with a “Best Label Finishing Solution” Award by the European Digital Press (EDP) Association. MGI received the first-ever “Leadership in Innovation Award” by an international team of judges during the 38th Annual Dupont Packaging Awards program in May, 2016. The award was given in honor of MGI’s JETvarnish 3D digital decorative process and technology advancement for the entire product line.

Digital Label Enhancement Benefits
The digital packaging & label marketplace is poised for tremendous growth as brand owners and consumer packaged goods providers seek to take advantage of the many benefits of digital technology. The value of the AIS SmartScanner and the JETvarnish 3DW to packaging & label clients spans the entire realm of postpress enhancement.

These digital benefits include: rapid prototyping for new product launches, complete customization of special effects on every job and faster short run turnarounds to fuel greater productivity and profitability.

The JETVarnish 3DW brings unprecedented new embossed Variable Data Foiling (VDF) personalization and short run customization power to label converters seeking to provide the most elegant, attractive and eye-catching packaging materials to their brand-owner customers

Intelligent Registration Value
The AIS SmartScanner treats each piece like a separate, individual print job for an optimized treatment of digital, offset & flexo output. The simple, automatic “Scan & Register” setup process eliminates the vast majority of staff time, operator effort and makeready waste associated with traditional registration methods. This efficiency results in far greater profitability for printers & finishers on every job completed.

The JETvarnish 3DW system is 100% digital so every label can be personalized with uniquely embossed names, data and graphics in eye-catching metallic foil colors.  No dies, screens or plates are required.