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Nilpeter debuts Panorama, demos fully-automated FA-4*


In addition to the digital press, the company showcased its FA-6* and FA-4* flexo presses.

For the first time, Nilpeter displayed its digital press line, Panorama, to the Americas. This complete digital solution offers "digital opportunities in a 360° perspective," thus the press' name.

According to Nilpeter, Panorama is highly reliable, with an average uptime above 90%, fast and easy start-up, and high print engine stability. The smart workflow management system ensures typeface optimization, provides automated step and repeat functions, and outstanding colour matching. The ease of use enables you to respond to any customer requests – printing the exact quantity required with no minimum, no waste, fast turnaround and a low cost per label. "In short, Panorama is a high-quality, cost-effective solution," said Jakob Landberg, sales director for Nilpeter.

Also featured at Labelexpo at the Nilpeter booth was the new 22” FA-6* flexo press. Combined with its value-adding units, it is an ideal choice for high quality, cost-effective, multi-substrate printing. It meets the trend for short-run production of new, innovative, and integrated package designs – adding new product types to label printers existing portfolios, which help them increase their customer base. The 8-color FA-6* ran Expanded Gamut flexible packaging jobs, and demos were given throughout the three days.

Nilpeter also showcased the FA-4*, a press designed to ensure optimum efficiency combined with the highest level of quality. The FA-4* features the FP-4 unit for hot foil and embossing. 

Paul Teachout, VP of sales and marketing for Nilpeter USA, described the FA-4* in detail. "This is a fully automated platform from unwind to rewind. No air clutches, no magentic partical brakes, no line shafts and no expensive plate roll gears and bearings. It is a triple axis servo design that means the anilox, impression roll and gearless plate sleeve are all directly driven by independent servo motors. There are 4 more motors on the operator side that control all printing functions. No more knobs to turn or mechanical parts to maintain. No more plate rolls, gears, bearings or expensive plate tooling to purchase. Just light weight composite sleeves fully controlled by automation. All this allows for direct save and recall of all jobs for future production. A simple recall, sleeve change and then hit the run button and the first label off will be a duplicate to the one you ran last. The web transportation system allows for constant tension control and even more importantly constant temperature control. Without these you have no register control.

Teachout continued, "Nilpeter presses have no match to web handling and transportation which allows processes like expanded gamut to excel. The CleanInking systems allow for the most precise ink metering available. Another crucial element in EG printing and maintaining color values through speed changes. There is no ink pan, no meter roll and no hydraulic effect during speed changes to effect color density or hue. It is a true one piece quick change solution where ink can even be stored offline with no need to clean up. All this automation and quick change features are exactly why Nilpeter has branded them 'Clean Hand Technology' solutions. The FA4* is a next generation machine designed to meet the needs of tomorrows converter and dynamic packaging solutions. It addresses the challenges of our changing workforce, streamlines our production operations and utilizes current scientific approaches to decrease our waste and downtime and increase converter profitability."