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AVT showcases workflow automation solutions


Labelexpo marks the North American premiere of two of AVT's new 100% inspection solutions.

At Labelexpo Americas in Chicago, AVT has showcased new solutions for streamlining quality process workflows, which stem from integration with sister company offerings within the Danaher Product Identification Platform (PID). At Booth #5202, AVT has also featured the North American premiere of two of its newest 100% inspection solutions, as well as a host of other systems for digital press inspection and control, inspection for labels and packaging web applications and next-generation automation.

As part of the Danaher Product Identification (PID) Platform, AVT – along with sister companies X-Rite and Esko – has introduced several joint solutions that streamline the entirety of the quality workflow process, from brand owners to printers and back to brand owners. The Platform’s initial three points of integration have been showcased at Labelexpo Americas:
  • Esko’s Automation Engine connects to AVT’s 100% inspection platforms (AutoSet), linking prepress to inspection with close to zero setup time or operator intervention. The result is greater production time per press, higher accuracy and fewer rejections.
  • X-Rite’s ColorCert links to AVT’s SpectraLab for inline color measurement, generating color scorecard reports based on SpectraLab measurements and offering increased time savings, system accuracy and visibility.
  • Esko’s Web Center also connects to X-Rite’s ColorCert, automatically populating color-related specification fields for job creation, saving valuable time and resources, as well as increasing overall system accuracy.
Also at Labelexpo Americas, AVT has been offering the North American debuts for two new 100% inspection solutions: Helios S Turbo+ and Helios Turbo HD+, advanced inspection systems for label and narrow web applications. Each offers high-resolution capabilities even at top speeds, with 100% inspection performed at full press and rewinder speeds without sacrificing inspection quality and bar code verification.  

AVT's Helios D, a high-end 100% print inspection solution designed to meet the specific needs of digital printing in the label and narrow web markets, has been on display too. Helios D supports various digital printing technologies at all stages of production workflow, including the identification of specific defects like missing nozzles, ink dripping spots, and color changes as soon as they occur. The result is reduced waste, enhanced production and comprehensive process monitoring.  

For digital inkjet press vendors, AVT offers Jet-IQ, a closed loop quality engine that works in synergy with press controllers to maintain exemplary print quality, offering full connectivity to all steps and solutions of digital inkjet printing. The solution allows digital printers to gain a competitive advantage through enhanced print quality at high speeds, reduced press down time, and full reporting capabilities.

AVT’s workflow solutions complement its inspection systems through a full range of capabilities. Offline Setup enables customers to perform setup offline based on the job’s PDF. This is essential as run lengths become shorter and shorter, and customers must handle changeovers as quickly as possible.

For AVT, another highlight is the iCenter platform, a cloud-based solution that empowers printers to manage and control quality and production standards for facilities around the world - ensuring global consistency.

According to Jaron Lotan, president and CEO of AVT, "As a member of the Danaher family of companies, AVT has expanded opportunities for strategic partnerships. We are now able to more closely collaborate on smart, interconnected solutions that not only automate workflow but also provide insight into production performance. This is invaluable as we move further into the Industry 4.0 era."