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Siegwerk debuts new generation of UV flexo inks


Sicura Flex ORBIS offers high color strength and low viscosity for an improved print performance at higher speeds.

At Labelexpo, Siegwerk is supporting its customers to address upcoming trends by meeting their individual needs with cutting-edge ink solutions. Booth visitors can "explore the future" with Siegwerk’s experts to discuss label and package printing innovations, trends and learn more about the company’s inks and services.

“At Labelexpo we will give visitors insights into our newest ink developments,” says Tom Hammer, head of technical marketing at Siegwerk. “We will debuting our new Sicura Flex ORBIS ink series, a new generation of UV flexo inks especially developed for pressure sensitive paper, film labels as well as unsupported films and shrink sleeve applications.”

Sicura Flex ORBIS offers high color strength and low viscosity for an improved print performance at higher speeds. It is a monochromatic base ink series that provides a wider expanded color gamut that increases productivity.

“We will also commercially launch a new water-based lamination system called HyperLam, as well as a new system of metallics called Aqua Sparkle X at the show,” added Hammer.

Siegwerk is also highlighting the latest product enhancements to its  Ultra Pro, Film III and Poly Screen III systems. These inks have been enhanced to require very low maintenance with improved printability to assure quality and consistent printing for better productivity and reduced waste.

Due to a steady increase in regulatory efforts worldwide driven by stringent regulations, product safety stays the most important and challenging aspect in narrow web packaging. Food safe ink solutions are more in demand than ever, which makes migration optimized ink systems one of the largest growing areas in the ink industry. Siegwerk offers an extensive UV ink portfolio for food compliant applications, which the company will also showcase at Labelexpo.

“All our low migration UV inks offer outstanding printing properties, optimal curing results, and safe fulfillment of legal requirements. They show a high degree of strength and resistance for different packaged products and are suitable for printing at high production speeds,” Hammer says.

The company has already noted a gradual volume switch from conventional UV to migration optimized UV inks, such as Sicura Nutriflex 39-10, over the last years and expects LED UV curing to continue being one of the growth drivers thoughout the printing industry. Further expansion of LED UV ink applications will enable printers to use the technology for the full range of products. With its Sicura Nutriflex LEDTec product range, Siegwerk already offers a well- established migration optimized LED UV flexo series for food and pharma packaging, especially addressing the growing demand for low migration products in the area of food packaging applications.

Siegwerk also has interactive live demos of FastMatch, a web-based color management software program for accurate ink formulations. FastMatch is available for water-based and UV inks, and can utilize the user’s preferred substrate. It allows printers to reduce set up times and waste with every color in the Pantone book, including the most recent 3500 series. Colors can be standardized and stored in a database that can be utilized across multiple locations. FastMatch is only available in the US and Canada.