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Harper debuts new X-CAT engraving technology


Designed to overcome the issue with spitting in UV inks, the technology has been shown to be successful in water and solvent-based inks.

Harper’s experts are on-hand at Label Congress to introduce the patent-pending X-CAT engraving technology, which the company says is a “game-changer” for flexographic printing. Designed to overcome the industry issue with spitting in UV inks, the Xtreme Channeled Application Technology has been shown to be successful in water and solvent-based inks too.

“The X-CAT excels in all aspects of the printing process such as process, solids, whites, and coatings,” explains Holly Cook, marketing and design specialist, Harper Corporation of America. “Our patent-pending engraving eliminates spitting in UV inks while allowing the user to specify cells per inch and volume as they would with a standard 60° Hex engraving. X-CAT has shown to clean up well quickly in-press auto-wash press systems, reducing off-line anilox cleaning time and providing users with quicker reuse of anilox rolls between press runs. With notable improvement or elimination of trail edge voids, ability to achieve higher white densities, reduced doctor blade wear, elimination of moire issues from anilox to plate, and improved ink re-solubility at high speeds, the X-CAT will soon be the new standard geometry for anilox engraving.”

Harper is a third-generation, family-owned company that is celebrating its 50th year in the business. The company has continued to invest in R&D to design cutting-edge solutions for anilox roll production and restoration. At Label Congress, the company’s experts are emphasizing their commitment to quality, technology, and service.

“We are continuously pushing the boundaries with materials and equipment, as well as continuous improvement practices within our own business,” says Cook. “Our passion for excellence and innovation continues. We are always up for the challenge of finding solutions to the industry's toughest problems and providing the personal service you deserve. We invite prospective customers to contact a local sales or technical representatives to experience the Harper difference today.”

Our people, however, is what sets Harper apart from the rest of the industry. We strive to build and develop the highest qualified and knowledgeable team in the industry. With over 220 years of combined experience in flexography, Harper’s world-class team is passionate about working alongside printers to troubleshoot issues, solve problems, be innovative and create long-lasting partnerships. 

Harper has a storied history in engineering products to meet the needs of flexographic printers. Today, Harper’s journey continues with new surface technologies and engravings, with the company setting standards for roughness measurements and wall percentage specifications. Its presence at Label Congress has allowed the company to define the evolution of its product range.

“Harper is very excited to be returning to in-person industry events,” states Cook. “We have always preferred to be face-to-face with people in the industry to learn challenges they face, share advances in technology, and ultimately develop solutions. Connecting on a personal level, providing personal service, and improving the flexographic industry as a whole is our passion.

“The pandemic has presented many challenges and opportunities,” she adds. “With businesses shutting down, traveling, and limited face-to-face communications being limited, Harper has had to rethink the way business had been conducted in the past. Harper began utilizing technology for communication, training, staying in touch, and meeting printers’ needs. As the pandemic increased demands on printers, Harper’s team stepped up to meet those demands, without compromising quality, and we made internal changes to protect our customers and our employees.  Harper’s commitment to providing the best customer service, solutions, and product no matter the situation has been showcased during this unprecedented time.