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FLEXcon showcases sustainability, new pharmaceutical range


L&NW talked to FLEXcon's Melissa David, who saw increased interest in the company's newest materials.

At its Label Congress booth, FLEXcon highlighted its newest innovations in pharmaceutical labeling and sustainability. L&NW talked to Melissa David, product manager at FLEXcon, about the high levels of interest the company is seeing in regards to these new materials. 

The PHARMcal line of track and trace solutions features engineered films with enhanced printability, robust adhesion and optimized liners for vials, syringes and ampules, over-the-counter medications, conceal applications, cryogenic labeling, tamper-evidence, and blood bag labeling. The line reduces complexity with a simplified product offering organized by end-use application, making it easier for customers and specifiers to select appropriate products for their intended use, David says.

Meanwhile, FLEXcon recently announced the expansion of its FLEXcon optiFLEX ecoFOCUS line, designed with sustainability in mind, to include conformable polyethylene labeling solutions that enable recyclability of HDPE containers. These white and clear products utilize FLEXcon’s V-127RE adhesive to ensure excellent performance and maximize recyclability of HDPE containers. In addition, the TRACrite 1.2 mil polyester liner contains up to 60% post-industrial content, minimizing the carbon footprint further.

Applications include food and beverage, health and beauty, and household chemical labeling.

“Using a PE film on an HDPE container means you are pairing like polymers – a benefit over using BOPP films on HDPE containers,” notes David. “This better facilitates container recyclability, helping brands and CPG companies achieve their sustainability goals.”