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MPS launches new connectivity technology


The "Talk to me" concept is a protocol for exchanging data between MIS and MPS printing presses.

MPS Systems has launched an innovation aimed at promoting interaction between MPS printing presses and Management Information Systems (MIS). Labeled "talk to me," the new MPS connectivity technology allows for real-time data exchange and control at any given moment.

The "talk to me" concept is a protocol for exchanging data between MIS and MPS printing presses, to supply real-time information required for companies to be truly productive and remain competitive. In addition to the regular MIS interface, press operators can be given access to extended "anytime, anywhere" functionality via the specially developed app, easily installed on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Bert van den Brink, co-founder and technical director at MPS explains the development of "talk to me" is a logical consequence of MPS’ corporate philosophy: “Our promise to the market is being ‘Operator Focused, Results Driven.' The best way to achieve maximum printing productivity is to ensure that operators have the tools and freedom to get the most out of their machines. With ‘talk to me’ we offer just that. I am confident that through constant communication with their printing presses, operators will optimize their performance and, in the process, enjoy increased job satisfaction.”

Data to be exchanged from the MIS to press includes the customer name, press run, color sequence, tooling, material type and thickness, printing plate code and planning (job queue). Data from the press to MIS consists of the operator, printing speed, meters/yards printed (order status), waste produced (waste sheets), setup and printing time.

Daily live demonstrations of the connectivity concept are being given on the fully automated MPS EF multi-substrate press at the MPS stand.

MPS is also displaying a second fully equipped EF press at the Automation Arena. The Automation Arena includes two automated press lines for digital and conventional label production, from job creation through to prepress, printing, finishing and invoicing.