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Pulse Roll Label Products unveils newly branded portfolio


The narrow web line builds on the success of PureTone, which was launched at Labelexpo 2015.

Pulse Roll Label Products has introduced a completely new branded product portfolio at Labelexpo Europe, which complements its existing PureTone UV flexo ink system.

The narrow web line builds on the success of PureTone, which was launched at Labelexpo 2015, and its laser markable coating, PureCode.

The existing PureTone UV flexo product range comprises high strength process inks and mono-pigmented mixing bases, as well as special blacks. Visitors can now see: UV flexo opaque whites; UV flexo metallic inks; UV varnishes, coatings and adhesives; its best-selling peel and read release varnish plus special effects range, all branded to accompany the PureTone UV flexo ink range.

Water-based flexo and UV screen products will also have their own brand identity.

All new product names are registered trademarks and include:
PureWhite - UV flexo opaque whites
PureBright - UV flexo metallic inks
PureFX - UV flexo special effects inks and varnishes
PureFinish - UV flexo varnishes, adhesives and primer, and UV flexo digital varnishes
PurePeel - UV flexo peel and read release varnish
PureAqua - Water-based flexo inks, varnishes, primer and additives
PureScreen - UV screen inks and varnishes

“We’ve experienced real success with our PureTone brand since its launch at Labelexpo 2015," says Sarah Harriman, marketing and communications manager at Pulse Roll Label Products. "PureTone is fast becoming a well-known name in the world of label inks as more and more narrow web printers switch to our flagship UV flexo ink system. Our vision is to build on this by introducing a newly branded product portfolio that can be easily recognized in the market. This will allow our customers to better understand and identify the solutions that we offer for the narrow web label market and will provide greater branding consistency across our entire product portfolio.”

As well as including existing product lines within the newly branded ranges, some additional new products have also been launched at the event. These include new food packaging compliant products to expand upon the FPC range released in April of this year. The PureAqua high strength water-based ink system has also been launched, which is formulated for optimal print performance, press stability and color strength. The company’s existing water-based varnishes, primer and other products are grouped within the new PureAqua range, and a new concept for UV screen has also been unveiled as part of the company’s new PureScreen range.

“We are very excited to announce our newly branded products," says Mikaela Harding, product manager, Pulse Roll Label Products. "We’ve been very focused on developing our narrow web product range to ensure we offer the very best solutions for different print applications. The introduction of new product branding and unveiling of some exciting new concepts, to complement what we have done with PureTone, seemed like a natural step in our quest to help printers move into the next generation of label printing."