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Cosmo Films showcases specialty PSA labeling films


The line includes direct thermal printable top coated films and universal printable synthetic paper for label applications.

Cosmo Films is showcasing its specialty PSA labeling products at Labelexpo Europe. The specialty portfolio includes specialized films for PS self-adhesive labeling, as well as direct thermal printable top coated films and universal printable synthetic paper for labeling applications.

These products have been detailed as follows:

Universal Printable Coated BOPP Label Facestock Films
These films, which go in for label facestock applications, are available in transparent, white and metalized varieties (both coated and uncoated options). The films are compatible with UV, water-based and solvent-based ink systems and deliver excellent print performance across a wide variety of printing processes, which include flexography, gravure, letterpress, offset, screen, thermal transfer and HP Indigo digital. The films also offer high stiffness for conversion and dispensing.

Label over Lamination Films:
Standard over Lamination Films:
  • Gloss and Matte - The Company offers both transparent gloss and matte films for over-laminating PS labels for print protection.
Premium Label over Lamination Films:
  • Velvet Film - Engineered on a special matte base, the film is used for over lamination of labels. This film offers a rich velvet finish to the printed labels.
  • Scuff Free Matte Film - This over lamination film for labels provides excellent scuff/scratch resistance, which could develop during transportation and handling of the pack.
  • Black Velvet Films - Recently launched black velvet film offers an intense black color along with a velvet touch to the package, thereby enhancing overall aesthetics.
Direct Thermal Printable films:
The company's just launched top coated direct thermal printable film goes in for all information and track and trace labeling applications. The product is water and solvent resistant, has matte paper-like appearance and can endure a temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees. The product is available in 60/75/87/100 microns. A high temperature variety that can endure temperatures of -20 to 130 degrees has also been launched. This variety is mainly used for carcass tagging and deep freeze labeling. An economic non top coated variety is also available.

Universal Printable Synthetic Paper:
This product is a white opaque polypropylene based film that resembles paper in appearance. The film is printable with most available printing technologies and includes wet and UV offset, wet and UV flexo, letterpress, screen, thermal transfer and most of the digital toner technologies. It is a replacement of paper in applications where durability and longevity is desired. It is also non-tearable, has moisture and chemical resistance and excellent lay flatness.

The versatility of synthetic paper is reflected in the vast number of applications where it can be used, which includes labeling in retail environments and outdoors, as well. The product is available both in sheet and rolls format from 75 to 430 microns.