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PPG exhibiting Teslin labelstock


The labelstock is used extensively in security, medical, food and beverage applications.

PPG is showcasing its portfolio of durable Teslin labelstock for packaging specialists and label converters during Labelexpo Europe 2017.

Durable, secure and easy to print, Teslin labelstock ensures printed data remains on labels through demanding use and extreme environmental exposure. Due to its reliability, the labelstock is used extensively in security, medical, food and beverage applications. It is also used in the chemicals industry for labels that are compliant with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals and British Standard 5609 (BS 5609).

Teslin labelstock is a composite material that delivers a combination of benefits that differentiate it from traditional synthetics. PPG is demonstrating this performance compared to other synthetic labelstocks at the show, with attendees seeing side-by-side results from abrasion, chemical and static comparison testing.

Jason Depner, PPG global segment manager, Teslin substrate products, says visitors to the PPG booth have been able to learn more about PPG’s focus on customer-driven innovation. “Whether our customers are asking for labels that offer static-reducing properties or are easy to affix to a unique package shape, we’re developing solutions to meet their needs,” he says. “Labelexpo Europe offers a great venue to hear about the challenges they’re facing and introduce them to Teslin label solutions that will help.”

Available in both standard label configurations and custom-designed options, Teslin labelstock offers bubble-free application and is widely compatible with print technologies such as inkjet, laser, thermal transfer, flexographic and offset. Additionally, it reduces the potential for static discharge when label liners are peeled from labelstock – a process known to ignite chemical vapors in some manufacturing environments.

The static-dissipative nature of Teslin labelstock also helps minimize static buildup during digital printing, thereby improving throughput and print quality.