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Delta ModTech features precision converting and finishing


The Crusader features tight tolerance diecutting, multi-layer lamination, precise part placement and the INTELLI-MOD system.

A Delta ModTech Crusader converter is demonstrating at Labelxpo precise placement on a label product. The system features a variety of processes including tight tolerance rotary diecutting, multi-layer lamination, precise part placement and the INTELLI-MOD control system.

The  INTELLI-MOD control system gives converters complete control of each module and allows you to perfect each segment of a converting process. The precision of registration on each die cut is based on our control system. Since there is a separate servo motor at each station, the die cut modules can be adjusted independently of each other. This allows the machine to make precise cuts even when the eyemarks are inconsistent. Individual servo control at each die station also allows for another critical factor in web converting, precise tension control. Each die, nip or print station can be set at a different speed ratio to allow you to create tension zones with the press of a button.

Engineers will be on site to confidentially discuss your specific application requirements and help you develop a total solution. Delta ModTech systems are custom designed and engineered to meet your application requirements, improve your profitability, and reduce your risk.